Sender ID - Sending from your company name or number

Here's a video showing you how to set this up. Plus see related info and screen shots further down.

The SMS Express platform has 2 "shared numbers" which allows you to send texts out and get replies back into your account.

The number that your SMS' come from is called the Sender ID, and this shows on your recipient's phone.

You've probably received a text from a company with no number, but instead the name of the company.

You have the option to also do this by creating custom SENDER ID. This allows 11 characters including spaces. 

For example you can have the SENDER ID as ACME CO, and this will show up on the recipient’s phone as ACME CO instead of the system’s mobile number. Here's a screen shot of some example Sender IDs I have can set 1 as the default, but you can also change this on the fly in the Single or Bulk Message screens.

Beware though..if you change your Sender ID to a word people cannot reply to you. 

If you change to your own handset number, all replies go back to your phone and bypass the SMS Platform.

If you are sending commercial SMS messages (eg advertising), you will need to include an opt-out to be compliant with the Spam Act and of course not annoy customers if they choose to stop getting your messages.

This is easy to do by inserting the OptOut Placeholder Link...see the screen shot below:

REPLIABLE is the default setting for all SMS Express accounts and means you're using our shared numbers, so all replies come back into your online SMS Express account where you can view in your Replies inbox.

But as we discussed earlier, if you set your own Sender ID as the Default (see example in the first image) this overrides the system's Repliable default and you cannot get replies.

Important Notes To Consider

  • A Sender ID allows for 11 characters including spaces. This will easily accommodate a number, but you may have to abbreviate a company name or word so it doesn't get chopped off on the recipient's phone.

  • By using a Custom Sender ID NUMBER (eg 0411111111) to send SMS, people will reply directly to that number and bypass the SMS Express platform.

  • If you legally require your SMS messages to have an opt-out mechanism, make sure you use our Opt Out Placeholder (see screen shot image below) which adds an optout link into your SMS. 

    Recipients simply click the link and are taken to our Opt Out page to unsubscribe. These numbers are then added to the Blacklist and are suppressed from receiving any further Bulk Messages from your account. You can view the Blacklist at anytime.

  • If you use a WORD Sender ID (eg ACME CO) people cannot reply at all as there's no "return address". So if you need to include an opt-out mechanism, simply use the same Opt Out Placeholder.
  •  You can see Reports of your Sent text messages plus any optouts from the Placeholder link. But you cannot see any replies in your online account if you customise a Sender ID.

Again, if you don't need replies then this won't be an issue.

Call us if you need any clarification on this as understanding what's spam can be tricky: 1300 668 287

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